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Domestication of the big cheese


I’m sorry to get back to the ICA space and Polly Apfelbaum (see Roberta’s July 15 post), but I thought the hangar-like space was no problemo. The gray walkways between the pieces were like hallways, and the rugs were heartfelt explosions of color, trying to domesticate and control the space, trying to humanize the bad old world with little cell-like, labor-intensive pieces of domesticity metasticizing to reach over and cover what’s not so organic, not so human.

I want to add that the grid of paired color swatches in “Compulsive Figures” reminded me of Richard Tuttle (see image above), but took it off the precious wall, made it of a precious, delicate material, and then dared you to step on it. Wow. That was great and justly deserved.

And “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” made me think of Eva Hesse’s “Repetition1,” (see image) but cleaned up and somewhat changed in subject matter to color. Yet some body references remain.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I hope someone gets back to Gerard’s post from earlier this morning.


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