Art 21 redux


If you saw the great, PBS series on visual art, “Art 21,” you’ll be as happy as I am to know that a second season (four hours of programming on visual art!!) is coming up in early September. (Thank you, chatty and informative Modern Art Notes for the heads up.)

This year’s categories for discussion include humor, time, loss and desire and stories. The 16 artists included are Charles Atlas, Collier Schor, Gabriel Orozco, janine Antoni, Kara Walker, Kiki Smith, Do-Ho Suh, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Martin Puryear, Paul Pfeiffer, Vija Celmins, Tim Hawkinson, Eleanor Antin, Raymond Pettibon, Elizabeth Murray [image is from video clip of Murray in the studio] and Walton Ford. I’ll leave it to you to figure out who belongs in what category.

According to the PBS weblistings, WHYY in Philadelphia is a “confirmed” broadcaster for the show which will run Tuesday, Sept. 9, 9 pm-11 pm and Wednesday, Sept. 10, 9 pm-11 pm.


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