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Dog day Friday on the street.


Old City was just this side of forlorn this First Friday. All that saved it were the group shows–the art world’s version of being on vacation–and the group fence hangers.

The thing about group shows is every member of the group gets to invite everyone they know, so lots of people show up.

francisThe thing about the groups of artists clothespinning work up on the fence is they enliven the street and offer something almost everyone can afford. In fact, I was on my way to one of the group shows when I was waylaid by the outdoor art-on-the-fence.

Suzanne Francis (see above image) was selling her little Indian miniature-like illuminations of flora and insects for incredible prices–$7 to $10 for medium-size ones, $12 for large, and $15 for framed ones. Such a deal. Such a steal. She stole my heart with them–and the hearts of numerous others, milling around her work and buying, buying, buying. She also had original collages on postcards for a standard picture postcard price of $1.50 apiece.

fitzpatrickandrewsNext to her were some silkscreens by her buddy Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews, with a sign, “Pay what you want.” The second time I passed by, he had sold a number of the pieces.

Andrews and Francis really had another agenda besides selling art. They were advertising yesterday’s puppet show at Space 1026. Their art was a come on to get you to take a flier on the puppets. “We’re part of a movement,” said Andrews, referring to a revival of interest in puppetry.

dimarrcojrThe other group were several members of the Philadelphia Photographers Initiative. Their products ranged from Chris Macan‘s pinhole nudes to Sal DiMarrco Jr.’s action shots (shown here). PPI member Glenn Travis said June was a good month for selling but August seemed quiet so far. (I must interject here that the pinhole approach to nudes brings to my mind a peeping tom.)

I was puzzled by the photos wrapped in wrinkled plastic that obscured the images (rain or no rain, get the wrinkles out, guys).