Pause for news from Temple


Great points about sculpture, Libby. While we all regroup to think more sculpture thoughts (are there more to think?), here’s a news-ette….

Temple Gallery Director Kevin Melchionne resigned recently for personal reasons. “Kevin decided to step down, and we decided to accept his resignation, and we wish him the best,” said Temple professor Hester Stinnett when I spoke with her yesterday.

Because Melchionne (like most curators) planned their exhibits well in advance, Temple’s 2003-4 exhibit schedule will not be affected. “Our fall schedule and spring schedule is in place,” said Stinnett.

Meanwhile the school is taking the opportunity to evaluate its big, two-location exhibition program which includes Temple Gallery Old City, on 2nd St., and Temple Gallery Elkins Park on the Tyler School of art campus.

“It’s hard for one person to do all that,” said Stinnett, continuing that they’d begin the search for gallery director mid-fall.

Anything else new up there? Stinnett said they were excited about a few new faculty members coming on board this fall –German-born, New York sculptor known for humor (speaking of sculpture) Olav Westphalen and Brooklyn-based artist and culture theorist Thomas Zummer. [image is Westphallen’s “Extremely site-unspecific sculpture” for the Public Art Fund in New York] Both new hires will work with undergraduates and graduate students. Local theory guy and artblog contributor Gerard Brown will also be teaching a couple of classes at the art school.