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Did you see…

Local artist Kate Moran gets nice play at Artnet in the Miami roundup by Nicole Davis. The writer captures Moran’s complex miniature world with words like stillness, natural beauty and, my favorite, “voodoo fetishist’s power.”

Artblog contributor Astrid Bowlby gets a mention in the New York Times review by Ken Johnson’s of the current Drawing Center show…”bewilderingly complex” is what he calls Bowlby’s work.


Henry J. Holcomb’s piece in yesterday’s Philadelphia Inquirer business section talks about the renewal of Centre Square — home of the Claes Oldenberg Clothespin. The big news for me came way down at the bottom where Holcomb mentions that as part of the spiff-up, my second-favorite philly sculpture, Milord la Chamarre, by Jean Dubuffet might be moved from what appears to be the dunce’s corner out back of the building to somewhere more appropriate for a great work by a major 20th century artist. (Image shows Milord…not only is it in a corner but it’s on a lift about 10 feet off the ground)

“If the city Art Commission is willing, Daroff and Campoli would like to move the Jean Dubuffet sculpture, Milord la Chamarre, now easy to miss on Market Street, to a more prominent place,” says the article. Twenty years overdue.