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Flip Flap


Time again to sharpen your Sharpies and start making flip books for the Third Annual Philadelphia Flip Book Festival, Dec. 5-26, sponsored by the cartoonists and animators-extraordinaire at Space 1026.

Some day soon you’ll be able to download an entry form from the Space’s website. Until then (and we’ll let you know and provide the link when it’s available) pick one up at Space 1026. Entries due Monday, Dec. 1 before 5 pm. The entry fee of $5 allows you to enter up to 5 flipbooks. (If you are local and drop off/pick up your books directly, your entry fee drops down to $2 — such a deal.)flipbook2

Cash prizes are awarded in several categories. There are a couple rules set up for the competition — nothing bigger than 9″ by 12;” books must have the artist’s name, title and indication of how it flips (front-back; or back-front); books will be handled all month and get a lot of wear and tear so “do not enter the festival if your flip book is too precious.” Jurors are Space 1026ers, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Ben Woodward and Dan Murphy. (images are details from this year’s screen-printed poster announcement)

Last year’s festival, which included a wide array of hand-drawn and photo-based work, was full of wild and wonderful hand-flippable animation. Here’s what I said in the Weekly…there’s a picture, too.