New face, last chance


This is the last day to catch the accomplished intaglio prints of Cynthia Back at the University City Arts League . The prints, which remark on the changing landscape, hit color, lighting and texture high notes, but it was the gridded pieces, like “Overrun Drive” (shown), and “Eight Moons,” that hit the mark. These pieces had tooth, with the panels in the grid illuminating one another technically, visually and intellectually.

“Overrun Drive,” with its ticky-tacky little houses–grids within the grid–stand in blue, stolid contrast to the sunlit leaves they are displacing. In the small (ungridded) “Cacti,” three varieties of whiskered cactus talk to one another. And the luminous “Eight Moons,” offer different phases and offer skies with different colors and weather.

Back, who’s a 2003 Puffin Foundation Award recipient and has numerous impressive honors and shows in her background, is new to Philadelphia. The Arts League Show was her first solo show here.


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