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Nexus’ community gallery


omarauntitledcornerThe back room on the second floor above Nexus has been created into a nice little installation space that’s being curated by a group of people from whom we can expect pieces that are not old-masters retreads.

The group comprises independent curators Julie Courtney and Amy Schlegel, Elyse Gonzales (from the ICA), Kevin Reay (from and Jacqueline van Rhyn (from the Print Center), who are selecting work from artists who have signed on to’s artists pages.

This show, “Untitled (corner),” by Sharyn O’Mara, is swell to look at–a fiber-optic hive lighting up a dark corner. The object, about 7 feet tall, has a cocoony quality, with a nice, wave-punctuated surface.

O’Mara states on the accompanying blah blah that she’s interested in the relationship between land and language and in activating forgotten spaces. This piece seems to have no relationship to land and language. And I don’t really know why this particular corner calls for activation. But I did like the almost religious glow of the piece.

One of the two people who tipped me off to see this piece was a neighbor whose Halloween spiderwebs on her front porch are noteworthy for their sculptural drama. I thought there was a resemblance in the webby white filament affect.