Political art, alive and well


Post from Mark Shetabi

–in response to robert asman’s post–

I’m all for preaching to the converted. It tends to remind people of what they believe in. Look at how right wing radio has galvanized the Republican base.

A short list of powerful and political artworks:

Guernica –Picasso

October 1977 –Richter

Third of May –Goya

Philip at Fraga –Velasquez

Charles V on Horseback –Titian (shown left)

F-111 –Rosenquist

Porkopolis –Sue Coe

99 Cent Store –Gursky (shown left)

Raft of the Medusa –Gericault

Target with Plaster Casts –Johns

Mother with Dead Child –Kollwitz

— Mark Shetabi is a painter and installation artist



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