Separation anxiety

Post from Ditta Baron Hoeber

[Ed. –Ditta is referring to my post of Nov. 12 on the Photo Triennial at Woodmere.] daguerrotype

Roberta, I agree that putting Caire’s work into a separate room underscored it in a way that somehow made it uncomfortable and made the room and the work seem unconnected to the rest of the exhibition. (Ed. –Image is a stereo Daguerrotype from 1853. There are several such early works in the historical section of the Woodmere show)

…I think it would have made a great difference to have more blank wall between the groupings. it would have made the show into a collection of poems or short stories rather than one long run-on sentence with parenthetical remarks in the next room (Caire). to Larry fink I think it’s interesting that you use the word shock. I suppose in today’s art climate Fink’s visceral, emotional, sensual images do shock. We are so used to the ironic, the detached…Fink is not ironic. He photographs satin and wool with such intense pleasure and knowledge that it raises one’s body temperature. And he photographs skin with perhaps a shocking degree of compassion…