Another "Land" heard from


[Got this letter–heavily edited–from Germany about the Jan. 7 post on the artists’ books show at the Print Center.]

Dear Libby Rosof – and everybody else who wants to know more about books under glass and in a foreign language …


It was a great adventure for all of us to have our books in Philadelphia, and we think all of us wished the Atlantic to be less wide so that we simply could have come over for the show and answered all your questions!…

We are Uta Schneider and Ulrike Stoltz. Both of us were members of the women’s artists group “Unica T”, together [with] Ines v. Ketelhodt and Anja Harms.

We founded the group in 1986 and split up (friendly) in 2001. So for 15 years, Unica T was “a fictitious person making real books”.


“Stadt Land Fluss” [City, State, River(shown)] was our last collective work.

Stadt Land Fluss is actually a children’s game: A letter of the alphabet is chosen by chance, and then everybody has to write down as fast as possible: a city starting with this letter, a country, starting with this letter, a river, an animal, a name, and a profession, all starting with the same letter.

So much for the children’s game, which we used as a kind of basic rule of


the game for our collaboration. …

We completely agree that books should be handled–and hope that this description helps to cross the barrier of glass cases and language at least a little.

With kind regards,

also on behalf of all the artists of “13 x”,

: Ulrike Stoltz + Uta Schneider