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Doing the Tengo at ICA


Post from Rob Matthews

So what were critically-acclaimed, indie rock, Matador Records recording artists Yo La Tengo doing at the ICA opening Friday night? Something to ponder. If you were on the landing or stairs where the bar was located and saw a medium height fellow with a large head and frizzy hair wearing a bright purple shirt, that’s one of the band members.

(image is a nice shot from their website, a marquee in Knoxville, TN)

In case you’re unfamiliar, the band is considered the royal family of the indie rock world…reigning now for a solid 15 years. They’re kind of the Velvet Underground for the 90s which is to say that they take basic folk-pop songs and throw a bunch of noise and feedback on top of it. The best thing out of Hoboken since Sinatra.

–Philadelphia artist Rob Matthews will be featured in the upcoming, one-night event, Wagons East, in Brooklyn.