Name that picture, er person


This just in from the seamless collaging of images department. Josh O.S., a Philadelphia-born artist now living in Brooklyn will be showing his Photoshopped collages at Space 1026 in February.

The images use photographs of international power players of the last 20 years and merge them with, in some cases, Rennaisance paintings. (top image is Nancy Reagan made over)


Some of the work in the show — called “The New Money O.S.” — is tapestry size, 72″ by 60″ or thereabouts. Themes are a mix of anti-globalist and anti-media — and all the source material looks like it was downloaded from the Web or from tv (pretty globalist of him, now that I think of it).

Shrunk to our artblog scale, the work looks like record album covers. But I’d go see them big because they seem to have enough detail to keep you going — and enough content to keep you smiling. Opens First Friday, Feb. 6. See you there.