Disappointment with Neto


Post by Colette Copeland

I was sorry to miss Ernesto Neto’s talk on Friday (it conflicted with my own opening at Nexus) [see roberta’s post of Mar 7 for more on Neto]

I went to the Fabric Workshop on Saturday. I had high hopes based on the invitation card and the comments from people who had seen the NYC show. (image is Neto’s 2003 “The House”)

I have to say that as an installation, I was very disappointed. I too related it to Richard Serra’s piece. However, the work was in no way assimmilated within the space. The space was not transformed by the sculptured foam. I was very much aware that the foam was simply placed inside the gallery space.

Where was the ambient lighting? Why wasn’t something done to mask the gallery ceiling and floor? From the postcard, I envisioned an all-encompassing cave of foam which created simultaneous feelings of claustrophobia and comforting insulation. —see Colette Copeland’s new installation in the Nexus Community Gallery


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