Quick time out for Whitney


Leave it to the new York Times to be ahead of the curve. Here’s Holland Cotter’s preview of the upcoming (as in opening Thursday) Whitney Biennial, including a slide show of eight featured artists…and Roberta Smith’s piece on sound art and how much of the audible bubbly will be served up at the Biennial.

Aleksandra Mir, featured at ICA with her Ramp project “Naming Tokyo,” a map of Tokyo with the street names changed, is in the Biennial. Her ICA map with the little flags sticking out left me cold but I cottened up to this image, “First Woman on the Moon,” a project Mir created on a Dutch beach with the help of some earth-moving equipment. I don’t know if it’s earth art or moon art but the Robert Smithson-meets-the-sand-castle-builders affect amuses.


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