Tiffany grants to Philadelphia folks


The William Comfort Tiffany Foundation grants were announced recently and the artnet roundup tells us that three artists with Philadelphia connections –Josh Mosley, Clare Rojas and Phil Frost — were among the thirty winners of the $20,000 awards. Philadelphia video artist Mosley’s “Commute,” (image is detail) a beautiful, labor-intensive clay animation, was screened in the PMA Video Gallery last summer. Rojas (can we claim her? she used to be a Space 1026er a while back) was seen at the ICA’s 2001 East Meets West show guest-curated by Alex Baker. And Frost, a self-taught Brooklyn artist, is also connected to Philadelphia through friendship with Space 1026ers — and through his 2002 show at PAFA’s Morris Gallery (also curated by Alex Baker.) Philadelphian and 2004 Whitney Biennial participant Virgil Marti was a Tiffany award winner in 1997.


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