Curious taste of two things to come


Cinque Hicks an artblog contributor who produces the blog bare and bitter sleep and the online art story round-up electric skin has a post about the Altoids Curiously Strong art collection currently on view in Austin, TX and coming July 10 to Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania Academy (read more at PAFA’s site).


For the last six years, Altoids has purchased art based on recommendations from a panel of artists and curators. Then they take the cutting edge art collection on the road. The 2004 selection panel included our town’s Alex Baker, Curator of Contemporary Art at PAFA, and the show includes art by Philadelphian Paul Swenbeck, (image right, sorry I don’t know the title) and former Philadelphian and Space 1026er Clare Rojas (top image is “untitled,” 2002) as well as work a couple Whitney Biennial artists like Hernan Bas and Aida Ruilova. There are 23 works by 20 artists in the travelling exhibit.


And as you probably know, the Big Nothing — a region-wide exhibition series aimed at provoking discussion about void-oid thoughts in contemporary art art — opens in May at ICA (the prime mover) and just about everwhere else within a stone’s throw of the city.


Today in a NY Times feature by Annette Grant, installation artist Ann Hamilton says her new huge and beautiful-sounding piece, “Corpus” at Mass MOCA is about nothing — sort of.


Quoting from the article, “[Hamilton] sometimes calls “Corpus” the “big empty” and the “nothing” that is “something.”


Somewhere in the article, Grant says the pink fabric on the windows doesn’t change the color of the space but, look at these two images and ask yourself if that is possible.