Enough Barnes whining already

barnesdogart We at artblog couldn’t believe that the Inky ran yet another Sozanski screed against moving the Barnes. The arguments seemed weaker than ever.

Here’s the graph we hated most because it got all three points wrong (bold emphases ours):

The future of the Barnes is not really about money (the foundations supporting the move have plenty of that), or parking (a truly irrelevent issue) or racism (Barnes’ neighbors were calumnized for insisting that the foundatio0n obey township zoning laws).

We believe it is precisely money, parking and racism that are at issue here.

Furthermore Sozanski created a false dichotomy between museum and school, as if museums don’t teach.

The whole argument felt like typical Philadelphia kneejerk fear of change. But that so few people serious about art have made it to the Barnes is a real probelem that only a move can rectify. (shown photo of Barnes, his dog and a small part of his collection)