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We crashed a party the other night. “Grubstake,” an installation by 18 artists at play at basekamp, is brought to you by the same group that installed a giant cupcake at Space 1026 last summer. Unlike the cupcake installation this year’s effort felt more collaborative with fewer set pieces by individual artists.

Here the installation reminded us of Assume Vivid Astro Focus’s Whitney room except without the slickness. We had music, flashing lights, video, audio, drawings on the walls, ceiling floor, etc.


All commercial sense was lost except for the grubstake, original coins made by the artists. Here’s the crew: Kate Abercrombie, Shannon Bowser, Scott Marvel Cassidy, Robert Chaney, John Gibbons, Mike Gibbons, Richard Harrod, Christopher Hensel, Aaron Igler, Tristin Lowe, Eric McDade, Sarah McEneaney, Olivia Schreiner, Isobel Sollenberger, Paul Swenbeck, Clint Takeda, Takatomo Tomita and Justin Witte.

The group meets periodically for drawing parties a la exquisite corpse sessions. McEneaney said Swenbeck was the instigator.

Like the simple folks we are, we especially liked the drawings, flashing lights and the spinning rock.


Another fave was a wooden doghouse with pup-tent ambiance (shown) and a dog video inside. You had to crawl in puppy style on all fours to see it. We also liked the group drawings on the walls.