Blue water alert


I brake for street “events” on a regular basis. Yesterday, I saw this aqua velva enhancement in the fountain at Love Park. The city may not have money for art anymore (see my post about arts funding cuts) but they love to put color dye in the fountains around town — ever since they found out the dye bath won’t hurt anything or anybody.

I’m not complaining. It’s a surreal touch for a city that far too often has no sense of humor about itself. I prefer when they do pink but this Bahama-cotton candy froth is pretty nice.

By the way, the Philadelphia city budget bill, now bandied about like a limp tennis ball, was vetoed by the Mayor this week. The City Council failed to override the veto, and a new proposal by Council is making the rounds. If I read the story in the paper correctly, the new proposal restores the arts funding. And the Mayor, who hasn’t seen the bill, has no comment. Stay tuned.


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