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clouds, rain and moon over Philadelphia

milwlake Of course it doesn’t have to be raining where YOU are to cause a flight delay. Milwaukee was clear and beautiful and my flight back to Philadelphia couldn’t take off for almost two hours due to thunderstorms “enroute.”

I had a good book, Phillip Roth’s “The Human Stain,” (I highly recommend…Libby read it, liked it and loaned it to me so that makes two thumbs up). So I read and read. Once in the air at last, I was so happy I snapped some photos. I’m like that. It doesn’t take much.


Up top is Milwaukee and Lake Michigan looking pretty elegant in spite of the fact that unprecedented rains caused some sanitary sewer overloads. But you don’t want to know about that.

We were above clouds the whole way between the midwest and Philadelphia. Sometimes the almost setting sun was so low it was under the clouds as here.


Then we got to Philadelphia and wouldn’t you know, a nice big yellow moon hung in the sky, not a cloud to obscure it.

I got a cab to come home and it started raining. Such was the night.

I saw a little art in Milwaukee and I’ll get to that shortly.