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Dinner and a movie



Kutztown University Gallery Director Dan Talley wrote to invite me and all my friends to dinner. That would be a potluck fundraising dinner for John Kerry. Talley had a potluck in May at which time he raised over $1,400, and he’s hoping to do even better this time.

Here’s the invitation, which Dan extends to you all:

John Kerry House Party & Pot Luck Dinner

Saturday, June 26, 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.

298 Hermitage Street (corner of Hermitage & Silverwood in Philadelphia’s Manayunk neighborhood)

We hope you’ll be able to join us: bring a dish, your favorite libation, and your support for John Kerry. We’ll provide plenty of soft drinks, juices, general snackage, bumper stickers, and campaign buttons.

PLEASE BRING FRIENDS! Remember, Bush has amassed over $200 million that he’s already spending on a slew of negative ads. With monies raised at house parties, Kerry is better able to set the campaign tone and agenda.

Dan & Mary Talley

The Movie


Since Talley’s potluck is June 26 and Michael Moore’s movie Farenheit 911 opens June 25, I suggest dinner and a movie — this potluck dinner and that movie.

New York Arts magazine, bless their hearts, directed me to Farenheit 911’s website where you can play a short Quicktime trailer for the movie, find out where it will be playing in your neighborhood and order tickets online.

In Philadelphia, the movie will be at the Ritz East and the AMC Franklin Mills.