Et in arcadia rainbows!

Post from Richard Torchia

[ed note: Torchia is responding to roberta’s posts here and here on the Arcadia University’s show “Open”]


I agree that “Open” is, to some extent, a ‘white on white’ show, but there is some color to be seen, however fleetingly. To this end, I wanted to share the attached. I admit that very few people will see what’s occurring in this photo: the evening sun (streaming through the high windows in the gallery’s west wall) hitting the threads of Mustafa Gur’s Rainbow. This momentary phenomena, however, is easily visible to visitors between 6 and 7 o’clock at the end of sunny Thursdays through July 3o. (We are open until that hour on Thursdays, and as ever, by appointment.)

–Richard Torchia is Arcadia University Gallery Director. He co-curated “Open” with Sandra Firmin, Associate Curator of Buffalo University Art Gallery