Ride on the wild side

Libby and I told you about how we met Mark Price, new Space 1026er, last first friday as he was selling his uniformly-priced $5 art.

The young artist is quite the screen printer. When I was at Space 1026 looking at the Change Agent exhibit I picked up a new Price poster promoting a good cause — the monthly Critical Mass Bike Ride which takes place the last Friday of every month in Philadelphia.

(I’m behind the times. I didn’t know about this organization but apparently, according to their website, they’re a global anti-car activist organization. Check out the Philadelphia chapter’s site for more on the local ride.

While we’re at it, here’s a detail from a green-themed poster of Price’s. The words on the poster read “Fake Glamor! live it up…you are empty.” The stylized mod bod is like a parody of the big-eyed, shaggy-haired Keane kids, and the army of green martinis is like alcoholic hell raining down. The anti-advertisement for booze and glam is appealing and in keeping with the history of politically active postering here and elsewhere.


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