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Surprises and familiar faces in Philadelphia Selections


Before inliquid began its online database for artists, there was the Moore College of Art and Design slide registry. For many years, the free registry of local artists’ works existed in file drawers and was used as a resource by curators in the region looking to put together shows. Somewhere along the line, Moore got the idea to pull together its own show based on what’s in its (now also online) database. Opening Thursday is “Philadelphia Selections 5,” the fifth in the series.

The eleven artists whose work will be in the Levy Gallery were selected by Moore Exhibitions Director Brian Wallace. Philadelphia gallery goers will be familiar with most of the names. But a couple are less familiar or belong to artists whose profile is not in the star range as yet. (top image is work by Liz Rylewski; below is painting by Arden Bendler Browning, both artists in the show)

It’s always good to see that kind of range in round up shows like this. It bespeaks the willingness of the curator to mix it up a little.

Speaking of databases, you’ll find much material on some of these folks in artblog’s database (if I can toot our horn a little).

Here’s the lineup: Steven Baris (painter who just showed at Schmidt Dean), Arden Bendler Browning (abstract painter and 2003 Tyler MFA), Joy Feasley (Vox Populi alum and Fleisher Challenge artist whose drawings were recently in “affect” at Ursinus) and Aaron Igler/LURE (photographer and organizer of those rooftop video projections), Rain Harris (ceramic artist and Fleisher Challenge artist featured recently at the Clay Studio), Daniel Heyman (upcoming Fleisher Challenge artist and printmaker featured at ADM gallery), Nadia Hironaka (Vox Populi member and Fleisher Challenge artist whose videos appear around town with regularity), James Johnson (new to me), Ephraim Russell (new to me), Elizabeth Rywelski (Space 1026er known for her K-Mart photo spread seen in the last Arcadia works on paper show), and Bekhyon Yim (mixed media artist whose social critique were seen at Nexus).

The opening reception’s from 6:30-8 pm Thursday, with a walk-through by Wallace and Carlos Basualdo, Moore International Discovery Series advisor, at 5:30 pm. Show’s up to Sept. 3.



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