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Tom Friedman, visible and invisible

friedmantarantula Speaking of invisible art, there’s a nice story by Adrien Searle in the Guardian this morning about a Tom Friedman show in London.

Friedman, who makes works so tiny they’re almost not there, did a residency at the Fabric Workshop in 2001. The piece he made in Philadelphia was a fly’s eye view of himself done from a bunch of identical passport photos which he cut into tiny squares and reassembled. Friedman likes to work from life, sometimes using his own body products (hair and ahem other stuff). (image is a spider made from the artist’s hair)

I think he’s very interesting. He gave a lecture on his work at the FWM and his affect was that of an art monk — serious and more serious.

Here’s my review for PW back then. And here’s some more including pictures in my Philadelphia Story for artnet.

And here’s even more if you’re obsessed.