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Friday this and that

holmanbigrayThis photo by Raymond Holman is up at Sande Webster Gallery now, as are a host of other black and white photos in a lovely big show “Day and Night in Black and White.” Lots of humanist shots — Holman’s and Arlene Love‘s are stand-outs — and some beautiful landscapes by Ron Tarver, Michael Froio and others. Highly recommend the show. Go and think about the viability of black and white vis a vis color photography. There’s sometheing otherworldly and seductive about b&w that tells me it will always appeal and thus always be with us.

Don’t forget the gallery’s now on Walnut St. between 20th and 21st.

My review will be in the Weekly next Wednesday.

The importance of phoning ahead

I tried to see the summer show at Fleisher-Ollman the other day (Libby’s post for more) and to my surprise (because I checked the website and thought it represented true information) the gallery’s really not open this month. The show’s down.

When I found them shut, I called, and a gracious William Pym, who was there preparing the walls for the upcoming fall exhibit, said they were open by appointment only and told me to come on by so I did. He gave me a private viewing of what had been up and a peek at what’s next (more on that another day). So be forwarned. Gallery websites can be unreliable sources of information. Call first.