Must read

Roberta Smith’s article yesterday about political art shows in New York coinciding with and provoked by the big RNC blowout is a must read.

Better yet, there’s an audio slide show with a lot of images. Access that at broadband or 56K modem speeds. (username: lrrfartblog; password: artblog) I don’t want to be accused of inciting a charge on New York but I’m dying to see all this stuff. There’s even an Elizabeth Peyton-ification of John Kerry available for viewing at Gavin Brown’s.

Former Philadelphian Dean Daderko’s Parlor Projects in Brooklyn gets a prime mention for its good show and for one great piece, “Kissing President Bush” by Rachel Mason. (image from NY Times and Parlor Projects)

Smith says the RNC may well be credited with instilling vigor into the city’s art scene. How about that for a positive spin on things?


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