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How anti-corporate can you get?

jeavonscorporacistLocal artist and activist Albo Jeavons is known for his “Disney Hole” project of a few years back which lampooned the failed city/Disney corporation endeavor “DisneyQuest” which was going to be an indoor theme park on Market St. “Disney Quest” never got farther than the excavation hole in the ground. Disney pulled out (money presumably the issue) and time passed and the hole became a civic eyesore and weed- choked joke on a major thoroughfare in the tourist district.

Jeavons, a very good parodist suggested with his “Disney Hole” project that the city build a Museum of Corporate Welfare on the site. The artist then went public openly soliciting other proposals for the hole from anybody who had them.

The project was a great success and Jeavons got a bunch of serious and seriously funny proposals.

Nobody suggested a parking lot but that’s what’s there now.


Next month, Jeavons takes over the gallery at Space 1026 for a one-man show he’s calling “Corporacist: an anti-racist investigation of the group mind of the corporation.” (top image is a sticker advertising the show. I picked it up at Space 1026. It comes in blue or green.)

CORPORACIST, curated by Space 1026’s Liz Rywelski, will include new paintings, collages, wallpaper and life-size anti-corporate figurative sculptures made of Brooks Brothers suits. (image right)

In addition to the exhibit, Jeavons is organizing events like films, a study group, puppet show and, my favorite, an anti-corporate haiku slapdown. See his website for more.

Jeavons has a swell line of anti-corporate t-shirts, kind of merch for the alt-culture set. I hope he has them out at the show because they’re great. I bought one when I saw them in the travelling “Illegal Art” show at Nexus last year. (See my post for more.) The artist and web designer is good at twisting corporate logos like Banana Republic into political statements like “Ban Republican.”