Santoleri frieze

For fans of Paul Santoleri’s murals, his frieze inside the entrance of the Walnut West Free Library, may seem relatively modest. The $60,000 commissioned piece, which is part of the Percent for Art Program, doesn’t have the vertical space required to totally capture the swooping perspectives that characterize so much of Santoleri’s work, but, even so, Santoleri achieves a bit of a rollercoaster take on the University City neighborhood’s Victorian buildings. The library will open to the public with a ribbon cutting ceremony Saturday at 1 p.m. Maybe I’ll see you then (image, details of Santoleri’s frieze and my husband Murray. Check out Murray’s story on the library’s restoration today in the Philadelphia Inquirer; sign-in info: name, lrrf; email,; password,lrrfartblog).

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