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Emendations and elucidations–white trees and billboards


Contributor Charlie Hankin offers a possible explanation for why the tree trunks in Judith Schermer’s paintings(see Alex Tryon’s post) may have looked white. (It has to do with whitewash and the sun.)

Another explanation comes from artist Samantha Simpson:

I happen to know about white painted trees; it’s an insecticide:

something, I think, to stop caterpillars (gypsy moth larvae, I think) crawling up the trees. I remember this from growing up around orchards in New Hampshire. Not sure if they still do it there, but that’s what it was when I was little.

11thandpearldetWhile I’m on the subject of elucidations, we got an email from artist Lydia Hunn further explaining that the Artboard, atop a building at 11th and Pearl, was commissioned by building owner Michelle Liao (see post). Hunn also added that the artist, Ruth Thorne-Thomsen, shows at Schmidt/Dean.