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New gallery with ambition


A swell-looking new gallery opened its doors last night just south of South Street.

And its first show is a knockout, thanks to the presence of the work of sculptor Terry Adkins, whose large music-related pieces plus other work fill the two spacious rooms. Adkins, a professor of sculpture at the University of Pennsylvania, had a show at the Institute of Contemporary Art in 1999, and last year at Eastern State Penitentiary. He shows at P.P.O.W. Gallery in New York.

The new gallery, Pageant, is at 607 Bainbridge Street, 215 925 1535.

Adkins, who is also a composer, is offering three pieces of music at the gallery, one of which, “Cathedral,” was to be premiered some time this evening (I couldn’t stay, alas). But two others will be performed during the course of the show. On the schedule are “Pinewood Air,” Tuesday, Nov. 23, and “Firmament,” Friday Dec. 17, both at 7:20 p.m.

adkinsmusicrollThe exhibit “Black Beethoven: Recital in Nine Dominions” will remain open until Dec. 31. I have to go back and really give the work a good look, but what I saw in just a brief time bowled me over. By the way, this enormous music-roll looking piece (left) does turn and does make noise.