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So true


Someone complained that we didn’t look much like the picture of ourselves that we had posted on the front page of the blog–you know, the one that was up there for a year-and-a-half showing the two of us, maybe 8 years ago, distributing art on the street (oh, how the truth hurts).

As much as our photo may have lied by being a little passe, our paintings lie even more (this is a true confession, just in case you thought we might be realists).

Nonetheless, for the next few months, artblog will be carrying in its left-hand masthead details from a series of narrative “self-portraits” that we painted on small blocks of wood. A detail from the second painting, “Hell, No! 1969,” in the “So True” series, adorns the masthead (to the far left, near the top)

We know, from our site statistics, that absolutely no one visited the first image, even though we provided a link. So here’s the link again to the first image. Here’s the link to the second image, “Hell, No! 1969” (detail in the masthead), which we posted in honor of political activists and the upcoming election. Be a good American and vote.