Art in America fire sale!


Did I mention that I dropped my subscription to the magazine? What with all the reading I do online and all the looking I do in the real world I hadn’t been looking at my AIA copies except to thumb through them (obits, news and bob reviews mostly) for about a year. I’m a long-time subscriber (1991) and it was a big step. But we get the New Yorker (readable and thoughtful reviews, mostly NY oriented) and the New York Review of Books (readable and thoughtful reviews of idiosyncratic shows, mostly NY oriented) and in the cyber world I read artnet, the NY Times, the blogs, the Guardian, artforum and hook up occasionally with things like rhizome so I figure I’m not missing much.

My $39.95 per year for AIA will go to purchasing art. What a good thought!

AIA’s been $39.95 every year I’ve subscribed. Never has there been a reduction in price that I know of. Until now. I got a solicitation in the mail and they’re having a sale!! $24.95 for 12 issues. I thought it was maybe to sucker me back into subscription land. (they had previously sent me a form asking why, why did I leave them…what did they do wrong…). But no, just now when I checked their website and clicked on subscriptions I see that it’s not just for lapsed subscribers but it’s for tout le monde. Check it out.

AIA, like all print publications, alas, must be hurting from all the online competition. I wish em well but I’m not re-upping.


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