Big grants for great artists


Artist and contributor Mark Barry wrote alerting us to the news that Philadelphia artist Sarah McEneaney was among the recipients of the $25,000 grants from the Anonymous was a Woman foundation. Thanks Mark, and way to go, Sarah! See Sarah’s webpage at MissionCreep for more. Also see her work in the MissionCreep real world exhibit at Nexus opening February 4. And check Artblog‘s copious outpourings about her 2004 ICA solo show indexed under her name in the left bar.

Other Philadelphia-linked artists on the list are Janet Biggs whose videos just came down at Moore College (she is an alum) and J. Morgan Puett whose project at the FWM last year, with husband Mark Dion, brought together an archive of nursing-related material and thoughts about nurses’ suits in the future. Read the news here. Congrats to all!


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