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Tooting our own horn: we give away thousands of pieces of art


In an attempt to turn the general public into art collectors, Fallon and Rosof, as presidents of their Zero .1% for Art Commission, will give away thousands of pieces of free art on four consecutive Fridays, Feb. 25, March 4, 11 and 18, at Market and 17th streets, Philadelphia, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (If it’s raining or snowing, see our website for postponement information.)


The art, “Dorothy Speaks,” is a series of 12 art cards with reproductions of Fallon and Rosof’s original paintings plus thoughts about life. (image is the front and back of a sample card.)

Each giveaway will consist of three cards from the series in a glassene envelope. To collect the full set of 12 cards, passersby will have to return to the same spot each week. The artists will distribute 750 sets each day.


(image left is a sample of one of the information sheets that will accompany each giveaway.)

The project is the 5th street giveaway of the Zero .1% for Art Commission, founded by the artists in 1998 as a critique of the city’s Percent for Art Program. The mission of the Commission is to bring art to the general public.

The artists are also known for their ground-breaking email book “OK Artists,” distributed serially in 12 pages in 2003.