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What’s new at PAFA and corrections galore

murraybreakingJust got these corrections from contempary art Curator Alex Baker at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts re my post:

Just wanted to let you know that it was [PAFA President] Derek Gillman, not I, who brought both Golubs into the collection. I brought in the H.C. Westermann sculpture currently on view.


The Do Ho Suh show is a collaboration with the Fabric Workshop and not an Academy product.

I will let you know what else we purchase. In a few months time, at least

three new works will enter the collection.

In the past year we have purchased the following:

Elizabeth Murray [image above, plus chairs from gala]

Betye Saar

Leon Golub (2)

Bruce Pollock

Charles Burns

Virgil Marti

Jane Irish

The latest PPC portfolio [Philadelphia Print Collaborative]

H.C. Westermann

-among others

More excitement to come!

[Libby: I’m about to fix the other post, too, so it doesn’t remain wrong in cyberspace forever]