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I got an email from Joel Rose, WHYY’s arts and culture reporter earlier today asking if we could talk about the Mark Nash curated video extravaganza, “Experiments with Truth,” that’s at the Fabric Workshop and Museum. See Libby’s post and my post and my PW review for more on that show. (image is from Zarina Bhimji’s piece in that show.)

Rose is putting together a story for the radio station that’ll air tomorrow morning on the local part of Morning Edition at 6:33 a.m. and again at 8:33 a.m. (Here’s the WHYY schedule — click Morning Edition for more.) We chatted and I waxed on and on about the show. Rose said he’d already talked with Nash and with Isaac Julien. And I think he was looking for me to cut through some of the art speak he received from those two. For example, Question: what is the show really about?

Anyway, we had a fun chat and I hope he can edit me down to something useful and amusing. Off the record, (but on the record here!) we talked about the FWM’s future now that the city got its promise of money to pull down the Gilbert Building to make way for an expanded convention center. (The Gilbert Building is where the Fab is, as well as Vox Populi and Highwire Galleries and Asian Arts Initiative.) I said I’d heard the Fab was thinking of moving to the Parkway (Museum Mile anyone?) but that I wished they’d buy a warehouse in Kensington instead. Wouldn’t that be better for their experimental goals and mission? And isn’t that more cutting edge? Why would they want to be with the Barnes, Calder and the PMA anyway? I don’t get that.

I told Rose I was posting about his report tomorrow and he broke out into a verbal sweat, knowing he might have some additional listeners. Turn on that radio. It’s art time.


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