Beware the almost Ides of March

bowlbydetailLibby and I are contemplating a trip to the Armory show and the Scope art fair in New York in early March. (Both fairs are on the second weekend in March.) That’s plenty of art for one weekend I figure. Artblog pal Rob Matthews wrote to tell us that Gallery Joe will be at Scope, with the awesome Astrid Bowlby the featured artist. Matthews will have his (also awesome) work there with Joe as well. (image is detail from Bowlby’s installation in Gallery Joe’s vault in 2003. For more Bowlby images check out Joe’s page on the Scope site.)

But hold on, there’s even more going on that pre-Ides-ian weekend. Today’s Carol Vogel article in the NY Times says that the PS 1 “Greater New York 2005” exhibit opens Mar 13…! Carrumba! 175 artists in that show. (user: lrrfartblog; password: artblog)

I’m still hoping we’ll have a “Greater Philadelphia” exhibit. Hello, anybody? How about renting out the Armory (speaking of Armories) and whumping it up there…no? C’mon curators and teachers. You can do it.