Dali’s book and Yufit’s films

One is surreal and the other is expressionistic but they’re both hot and hallucinatory. My book review of “The Secret Life of Salvador Dali” is in PW today. Here. It’s a thrilling bad boy book with a great narrative voice and exquisite prose. Libby mentioned how poetic the guy’s titles are. Well that’s the give-away. He’s a writer!
yufit, yevgeniy
Also in the paper today, my preview of Russian filmmaker Yevgeniy Yufit‘s wonderful black and white art films at Pageant Soloveev. Here. The gallery’s screening the films (the early shorts and later feature length works) and what I sampled when I was there was absolutely beautiful, eerie and memorable. Yufit is playing with political metaphor throughout (it’s about life in the Soviet state and about mankind’s failure to evolve). Highly recommended. (image is a still from Yufit‘s “Killed by Lightening” in which evolution is played off against a story about a father’s war-time secret.)

Film screenings: Every Wed., 5:30pm and 7pm; Thurs., 7pm; Fri., 5:30pm and 7pm; Sat., 2pm; and Sun., 1pm. Donation suggested. Pageant: Soloveev Gallery, 607 Bainbridge St. 215.925.1535.


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