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Monday Micro post

Awesome micro-cosmic guy, Randall Sellers, whose drawings we cannot get enough of, wrote to tell us about Micro Universe a New York show he’s in that is up during the Christo and in a midtown location, so check it out. The show, through Feb. 26 at the Lab Gallery at Roger Smith Hotel includes Sellers and ten others, Noriko Ambe, Davide Cantoni, Soyeon Cho, Satoru Eguchi, Pamela Hadfield, Nicola Lopez, Marco Maggi, David McQueen, Dylan Stone and Ulrich Vogl. Show’s curated by Hélianthe Bourdeaux-Maurin.
sellers, randall
We told you about Astrid Bowlby whose works will be highlighted in Gallery Joe’s room at the Scope fair (Mar 10-14). Sellers, too, will be at Scope — in the Miller Block Gallery room. And he’ll have work in the Armory show at Richard Heller Gallery. (New work in both fairs. Check out the gallery’s websites for the young phenoms they represent. Sellers is in good company.) The artist, who says he’s trying to deal with his drawings flying away almost as quickly as he makes them, is constructing a website. Looks good! He will also have work at the Albany International Airport March 8-Sept 4.

Sellers’ October, 2004 solo exhibit at Spector was a complete knock-out, in which he continued his exploration of fantasy cities in the clouds, but showed work in a new direction that I loved even better. See post. (image is untitled drawing from the Spector show)