On the street with Libby and Roberta

We have so many motives for giving away art on the street. One of the big ones is that we are not the gallery types. We tried that. We prefer the hurly burly of the street corner. In our Friday hurly burly, who should come along but the ultimate art insider, ICA Curator Ingrid Schaffner. Libby approached her and said “It’s a gift. It’s free art.” Ingrid looked straight ahead, thoughts elsewhere, and walked by. Libby ran over to Roberta in shock and said “Can you believe it…Ingrid Schaffner just rejected me!” Roberta ran after Ingrid, called out to her and said “Ingrid! You have to take our art!” Dazed, Ingrid politely took it, apologized for being in a fog and stopped for a quick chat, during which time she said that Roberta Smith (the other Roberta) reviewed the ICA’s Barry Le Va exhibit in the NY Times Friday edition. (Read here and to read Libby’s and Roberta’s posts on Le Va, see the left-hand column links) (top image is Libby before she was rejected; image left is Roberta before she got chilled by the weather).
fallon, roberta and libby rosof
robertaherselfdorothyBy the way, we had the company of Philadelphia Inquirer reporter, Eils Lotozo, who was assigned to do a story on us, for what seemed like more than an hour during our Friday giveaway. Inky photographer Ron Tarver also came by and actually took our pictures. We’ve told you about Tarver before. He shows black-and-white landscape photographs at Sande Webster gallery. And his people photos accompany Yvonne Latty‘s stories in the book “We Were There.” (Read)
rosof, libby and roberta fallon
Lotozo said to look for the story in Thursday’s paper.