Jackson Pollack in flowers


I took Murray to his first Philadelphia Flower Show yesterday (can you believe this? a native Philadelphian?), and he was shocked by the number of cheesy displays alongside the drop-dead wonders of nature brought indoors.

Cheesiest of the cheese (well, maybe not the cheesiest, but certainly a contender) was a group of floral displays, oops, I’m sorry, floral interpretations, from members of the American Institute of Floral Designers. And so I present my personal bad-taste awards for these arrangements, inspired by visual and performing artists:

The Andy Warhol floral interpretation:

The Jackson Pollack floral interpretation:

The Dale Chihuly floral interpretation:

The Alexander Calder floral interpretation (enough to make you regret the invention of the mobile):

The Georgia O’Keefe floral interpretation:

The Frank Lloyd Wright floral interpretation:

The N.C. Wyeth floral interpretation:

The Louis Comfort Tiffany floral interpretation:

Others so honored were the late great rocker and avatar of all that’s dark Jim Morrison, choreographer Paul Taylor, architects Greene and Greene (they were rolling over in their graves over this one), and singer Grover Washington!

I’ve got more First Friday reviews coming, but probably not until tomorrow. Roberta, too.


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