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Philly in NY, NY in Philly, Philly at home

finkleawefloatyellowThe Spring flood of shows begins this week. There’s too much to deal with in one post but this morning, in the rain, rain, rain, I’ll note these NY-Philly connections as the tip of the tulip announcing the glorious sunshine to come. (I’m rushing to get this post up this morning. I’ll try to put some links to what we’ve written about these artists later)

Artblog contributor Kevin Finklea wrote to say his show at Margaret Thatcher Projects, “We Float,” is up. Finklea says he will be in the Chelsea gallery on Saturdays in case you’re in the neighborhood. And because a double dip is better than a single, Finklea’s also in a group show at Hunter College, “Heavenly or a Slice of White.” Here are two links to sketches I wrote for the Weekly about Finklea’s work. 2001 at Schmidt Dean and 2004 at Pentimenti.

(image is a soft, yellowy white painting by Finklea from his Thatcher Projects show.)
javens, kate

Mark Campbell, whose new piece, “Accretion” is a stand-out in the “Building References” show at Rosenwald Wolf Gallery (my Weekly piece this week will highlight Campbell’s work) is in a group exhibit, “Human Scale” at Dumbo Art Center. Show’s curated by the FWM’s Director of Public Programs and Exhibitions, Doug Bohr.

Kate Javens, known for her taxonomical studies of birds, buffalo and now, moths, debuts new work at Schmidt-Dean Gallery this Friday. I’ve written about Javens’ work for the Weekly. Here’s one sketch I found from 2003. (see Libby’s post for cross-town taxonomy by Anne Skoogfors in Arcadia’s “A Closer Look.”) (image is installation shot of Javens’ moths)

Brian McCutcheon has an installation at Carbon 14. McCutcheon’s photography and sculpture I’ve long admired. Opening reception is first friday. Here’s a post I wrote about McCutcheon. There’s more in our artist’s index.

And in NY comes to Philly, Staten Island artist and gallerist Tattfoo Tan opens a solo exhibit of his work at Peng gallery. Tan was in a group exhibit at Peng not too long ago. Read my post on that show. And his gallery, Tattfoo, is cooking up a lot of great exhibits in SI.