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Weekly editors picks

There’s no art page in the Weekly (PW) today (they’ve been alternating the two “high arts,” theater and visual art, of late, when the paper has to be small. But you’ll find me in the listings.
judge, mary


In the “Editors Picks” section — online here — is my quick review of Mary Judge and Stephen Robin at Gallery Joe. Judge’s drawings are beautiful and have a new edge to them that I don’t remember from previous shows of her works. (The top image is Judge’s spolvero wall drawing, a ten-and-a-half ft.-tall production she did on site in the gallery.)
robin, stephen

Robin’s suite of cast aluminum works somehow manage to be langorous and urgent at the same time. Excellent natural world referents that drew my thoughts into larger orbits of a more otherworldly nature. Both exhibits are up until Mar. 12 and both are high points this winter season. (Second image is Robin’s “Below the Surface Number 7.”)