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Real world, real feedback

spectordrawingSpector Gallery, hotbed of new ideas, is doing something new — open reviews. In my opinion, a 15 minute session with gallery director Shelley Spector looking at your art is a primo opportunity for emerging artists. Spector sees tons of art and has one of the best eyes in Philadelphia — or anywhere for that matter. Well she really has two eyes but you know what I mean. (image is Spector in a self-portrait that appears on her gallery’s website)

Over the course of the last six years Spector, esteemed artblog pal and contributor, who runs one of the best spots for new art, has helped launch a few national careers for talented local artists. Spector characterized these open reviews as “reaching out to see what the next generation is up to.” You can get the particulars on the gallery’s website here. There’s even a handy page on the website with answers to frequently asked questions like what if I miss my appointment… etc.

In a nutshell:
–15 minute reviews will be with Spector herself.
–They start May 26 and run through June 18
–Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays only, between 2:30-5:30 pm
–Cost is $20 (processing fee)
–Bring up to six pieces of work; (tip: don’t bring slides, bring actual work. If you have nothing but slides or photos or if your work is too big to bring, slides or photos work but best is looking at real work in the real world.)
–Bring your most current body of work

This is a by-appointment only deal. It’s NOT drop ins. Here’s how to schedule an appointment:
–send your $20 processing fee by check (made out to Shelley Spector) to Spector Gallery, 510 Bainbridge St. Philadelphia PA 19147.
–Make sure you include your name, address, phone number and email address with the check.
–Spector Gallery will call you to schedule an appointment. First come, first serve, and they’re already booking.

Need more info? Call Carrie Powell at the gallery, 215.238.0840.