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Scam no whey!


Post from Mark Barry
[Ed. note: this post by Barry follows up on the post from Doug Witmer immediately below]
I’ve had several emails from Nigeria. “Due to a political unrest we must transfer fifty million dollars immediately to a US bank account, or “We would like to make a purchase of several of your artworks and would like to transfer the money to your bank account.” Duh, ok, sure you can have my account number. I always delete the messages and now they automatically go to junk mail. Once my wife, never one to turn down a possible sale, wanted to pursue it. She requested a credit card number and after a week and 5 or 6 bogus or most likely cancelled credit cards, gave up. She’s persistent. Correspondence emanating from Nigeria is notorious for email and internet scams. As always, if it sounds too good it most likely is. Except for Artblog of course, two years and still WHEY cool!

–Mark Barry is a whey cool Baltimore artist and blogger who contributes to Artblog and to the DC-area arts blogionarts. See more of his art at his website.

(image is Barry’s oil on canvas “It Doesn’t Take Much”)