Adler’s museum connections

Post by Matthew Singer
Dear Roberta and Libby, First of all: I love Artblog. I love Libby’s very detailed, thoughtful, insightful, thought-provoking analysis of Kathryn Frund‘s show at the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art. (see Libby’s post here)

For what it’s worth, I wanted to let you know that Jonathan Adler (whose show “Re:form” at the PMJA closed in April) introduced his Salvador vase in 2001. (image is Salvador vase) It’s part of what he calls his Muse collection, which also includes body parts as decoration tributes to Dora Maar, Georgia O’Keefe (image below is Georgia vase), Gala Dali, etc. The PMA shop has been selling JA’s stuff for a long time–at least since the late 1990s.

[ed. note: Singer is referring here to my post about Adler in which I mention the seemingly cosmic alignment of Adler’s works at the PMA giftshop and in the show at PMJA. Not so cosmic I guess. Check out Adler’s website for more about his product line which includes pottery and design objects all influenced by his immersion in 1970’s era Reform temple architecture. It’s great stuff.]


Finally, one bit of self-promotion. The editor of Modernism Magazine read about “Re:form” in an online journal called Nextbook, and asked me to write a feature story about Jonathan (2,500 words and lots and lots o’ pictures). I turned in the draft last week–it’s supposed to run in the magazine’s fall issue, so I’m hoping to see it in print in September or so. ALL BEST! Matt

–Matthew Singer is the curator at the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art