Challenge winners!

laverthreeYou heard it here first on Artblog. The 2005-6 Fleisher Challenge artists just selected are some familiar names and some new ones to us. We called up Warren Angle, exhibitions curator at Fleisher Art Memorial, the moment we knew the selections had been made (image, three portraits by Phyllis Gellmin-Laver):
laver, phyllis
Jon Mateau
Kip Deeds
Susan Bank
Mauro Zamora
Penelope Rakov
Robert Goodman
Phyllis Gellmin-Laver
Sebastien Leclercq
Nancy Middlebrook
Ben Daniels
Roxana Perez-Mendez
Sarah Gamble

Congratulations, all. We’ve written in the past about several of these artists. For more info, you can go back into our archives via the artists index on the left.
angle, warren
The final selection was made Tuesday, Angle said, by a five-person jury: Michael Olszewski, Willie Williams, Rochelle Toner, Eileen Neff and Larry Spaid.

btw, Angle was invited by Abington Art Center Curator Amy Lipton to make new work for her first curated outdoor show at Abington, opening June 5. Angle’s piece is named “La Brea,” just like the tar pits, and he told us, it will look like a tar pit, in fact, shaped like a map of the United States, approximately 10 feet by 15 feet, sited on the lawn in the sculpture garden. Cast ducks will be sinking. You’ll have to see it in person.