More private eyes on the street

[ed. note: this post refers to street art mentioned in my previous post.

Post by Janet Towbin

Dear Roberta and Libby,
I have been following street art for a long time and taking photographs of most everything I see on my walks in the city. I had seen and photographed the “sniper” on Walnut and 20th last week. (I think of the image as a “terrorist”). It’s a block away from where I live. I walk to Moore College up 20th street two to three times a week and it was something I noticed immediately.

Today, as I walked to Moore, I had a feeling there might be another work on that building and while I didn’t see one, I found another armed warrior on a building nearby on 20th and Sansom Street! This one is a G.I. sniper warily looking as he comes to the end of the building facing Sansom St. I am sending you a shot of it which is nearly impossible to get because of its location on the building and the tree blocking the work. I have many stencil and sticker graffiti shots from around the city. It is my favorite pastime; finding these wonderful gems on the street. My best, Janet Towbin

–Janet Towbin is a Philadelphia artist whose drawing “Small Wonders” received the Arcadia University Purchase Award (Work selected for University’s permanent collection)in the 2004 Works on Paper exhibit.